2015 - Another year of Growth!

On a chilly January morning, the Vertex and Humilis teams met in the legal district of Chancery lane in London to spend a valuable day away from the “tools” and on the business for our 2015 kick off event.


The theme of the day was “grow 25”, meaning that as a group our plan is to add a minimum of 25% growth on to the business. I am pleased to say that everyone present agreed that this was a more than achievable target.

Vertex group are at an exciting stage of evolution, with the spinoff Humilis as its separate brand and the clear differentiation of our Digital and Technology divisions. This presents a period of exceptional opportunity for everyone in the business. Within Digital there is opportunity for individuals to step up and cement their positions within “Talent” or “Markets” or indeed as future leaders. 

Humilis has progressed very quickly since its inception and incubation under the Vertex brand. We are pleased to announce the formal launch of the business in “stand alone” mode. Again, this offers fantastic opportunity for all of the individuals involved, particularly those who have been “the founders” and as such, we fully expect to grow in to the cornerstones of this business.


Finally Vertex Technology – the core of the business, goes through another period

of growth and change. We will continue to embrace our core clients within this market, whilst adding exciting new businesses to the list. We also increase our focus on to building more contract / consultancy business (This dovetails with Vertex Agility – www.vertexagility.com) due to the nature of our clients demands in this increasingly fluid market.

The result of this financial year will be a net increase across the group of at least 25% however in some of the divisions we expect this to be significantly more!

For anyone interested in joining us on this journey, we would love to hear from you!