3 Months into Recruitment

I’ve found that the life of a recruiter is a rollercoaster ride. Within my first 3 months in Recruitment I’ve felt happy, confused, thrilled and frustrated. My knowledge of Recruitment was so far away from reality before I joined Vertex Solutions. Having a successful background in sales, I was confident that my Sales skills could be easily transferred to a recruitment environment. 3 months ago I was naive in thinking that Recruitment was just like any sales job, in fact I couldn’t have been further from the truth. I thought it was just sending a shed load of CVs and hoping that one of the pieces of paper got the job! So it’s fair to say I was in for a rude awakening. 

It only seems like last week when I sat down for my first day, being introduced to the team whilst trying to absorb as much information as possible. The time has absolutely flown by. The team at Vertex have been very approachable and helpful, whenever I’ve had questions someone was always able to answer them for me. I found that the first challenge in Recruitment was getting to know my market, which is Front End Development. In my interview I was briefly asked about how much IT knowledge I had, I could spell JavaScript, but that was about as far as my IT knowledge went. However since then, my market knowledge has come on leaps and bounds, by speaking with Developers and asking them as many questions as possible. If Recruitment has taught me one thing, it’s to ask questions, then more questions and finally more questions. Whether it be to a candidate or client, utilising effective questioning techniques can be the difference between placing someone and being “unlucky”.

I think it’s accurate to say that within my first 3 months I’ve got more wrong than I have got right. I do think that not only is this normal, but also vital as it allows me to constantly improve my trade. Whether it be a poor phone call, not organising myself correctly, asking the wrong questions or simply not asking enough questions, I have made all of these mistakes and more in my short time here, but the best way to improve is to be thrown in at the deep end and make the mistakes.

My highlight in Recruitment so far has been placing a candidate within a week of joining. Whilst I was thrilled with placing someone so quickly and of course earning commission, I definitely believe I made the mistake of thinking that I had got the hang of it, which is laughable looking back on it. I had yet to experience the frustrations of candidates dropping out of interviews, clients letting me down, coming off a call having not qualified a candidate correctly, being shut down when trying to headhunt and they were all to come in the coming months. Now I don’t want to paint a picture of recruitment being a giant headache. It can be to some, but if you’re resilient, driven and willing to put the extra work in, then a career in recruitment can be a path to success.