3 Reasons why you should be a Recruitment Consultant at Vertex

Recruitment is a hectic, fast paced and lively environment to work in; you need to be strong and proactive to survive, so why should you choose this path as your career?  I believe these are the 3 main points to consider when exploring your options, if recruitment is not something you have considered before or you just want to know more, take a few minutes and read on, you may be surprised.

Recruitment is a great career

If you are an entrepreneurial kind of soul, recruitment is a great career to consider. You will find that “running your desk” has a lot of similarities to running a small business. Further, it is a career that you can progress in very quickly - If you want to climb the ladder, earn shed loads of money and receive lots of extras such as holidays and Louboutins!, recruitment could be just for you. Here at Vertex the career ladder is clearly set out; how to get from an apprentice to director is measured so if progression is what you are looking for, the opportunity is here!  You can chose which route you would like to take, be it the consultant or management route and how fast you progress is in your own hands.


Career Ladder

No experience necessary

A lot of people are put off certain paths at an early age as they are used to hearing “you don’t have enough experience, come back in a couple of years” but that’s the conundrum; how are you supposed to get experience when you need experience to get the job in the first place!? At Vertex we offer a great training plan for new starters, so no experience necessary, just the right attitude. 

The training involves a blend of 20 modules, classroom training, at the desk training and at least 4 days of specific training. Trainees can learn from new and experienced consultants and all the information can be easily accessed. You will have all the tools handed to you on a plate to set your own career.

The money!

The earning potential is insane! Yet so many people are unaware of this.  At Vertex we offer a market leading commission structure - paying 40% of your overall billings (in total) as well as a whole host of benefits and treats, just check out this poster. 


Benefits Poster

Your earnings are directly linked to the work you are prepared to put in. If you put in the time and effort you could be driving the car of your dreams or sunbathing in the Maldives every year! This is an option where uncapped commission is exactly that.

Currently Vertex are seeking a number of trainee and experienced recruitment consultants, in Hemel Hempstead and the City of London.  If you are interested please email your CV to h.smirthwaite@vertex-solutions.co.uk or call 01442 209056

So what are you waiting for? Get involved, get rich, get to Vertex!