A Brief interview with a SuccessFactors Consultant we have recently placed into a leading International Consulting organisation.

How did your experience within SuccessFactors start?

It all started in 2011 with Astellas, a Pharmaceutical Company, when I applied for a Project Analyst position, since I wanted some experience in the industry.

When I started SuccessFactors was not really a big thing. I actually started to work first on the Plateau Learning, which was later bought by SuccessFactors.

I worked at Astellas for four years and recently moved into a new SuccessFactors consulting role.

What is the life of a SuccessFactors consultant?

Having recently joined a leading International SuccessFactors Consultancy, I have spent most of my time studying for my LMS and Employee Central Certification. As well as working on some new projects in the background initially.

Good thing about working for a consultancy is that I have access to training materials and provisioning.

I am also currently working on getting my certifications in Compensation as well as Employee Central.

Also, working as a consultant allows you travel worldwide. I worked for projects in Russia, Spain, and Sweden. Right now there is a very realistic opportunity for me to work on a project in India for two months.

What challenges do you face working as a Consultant?

I think the biggest challenge for a Consultant is not to get lost. What I mean by that is that a Consultant at the end of the day is a self-employed person. You need to make sure you are constantly working on projects in order to bill the amount of hours set up in your annual target. 

What do you like about SuccessFactors?

I think it is a brilliant product. Unlike Workday, it covers the whole working life of an employee.

You can customize it according to the Client’s need and you can integrate it with pretty much every other system and product.

I am pretty sure you have been approached by multiple recruitment companies. What did make you choose Humilis?

I decided to apply for this position with Humilis, in order to have a fast track application process.

I liked that fact that Humilis is so well connected with the Managing Partners of the biggest consultancies all across the UK.

I have friends who applied independently and have been stuck in the process for ages!

What did you like about working with Humilis?

Definitely the work ethic. I spoke with Toby, the consultant who placed me, for the first time almost a year ago. I appreciate the fact that he said I needed to gain more experience before aiming to work at this Consultancy.

In a nutshell, I appreciate the fact Toby and Humilis did not try to sell me a job, just for the sake of selling, but they actually made me feel like I mattered.

So overall how would you rate your experience within SuccessFactors on a scale from 1 to 10?