Almost a year...

As you can probably tell by the title of this blog I’m approaching a year here with Vertex Solutions and my first year in the Recruitment industry. If you’re thinking of a career in recruitment, I’m keen to share my story & experience with you to help you in your possible new venture.

Recruitment as we all know is a very competitive industry, known for its revolving doors, but also for the great successes people can make with little / no previous experience. It’s an industry that can bring you great enjoyment and riches but at the same time will test you to your limits. 

In this industry the first 6-9 months are the ones where you lay the foundations to success or take a trip out that revolving door. Don’t forget though that our own mistakes & failures are the best lessons learnt to get us on the right track to success. Don’t be afraid of getting things wrong, it’s how you use what you’ve learnt that time round to not replicate it again… 

I’m very happy to say that I’m really enjoying everything about my current situation here at Vertex. What I love, is that the better you get at it, the easier it becomes and also the more enjoyable. You can see yourself becoming a more efficient and effective recruiter, it becomes less of a numbers game and more of a targeted shooting range, all in aid of finding the right person needed for a certain role first time round. 

It most definitely did not start this way. 

I’ve experienced the rollercoaster ride of all rollercoasters rides over the past year. I’ve also heard the dreaded words “I’m sorry Stef, but I think we’re going to have to let you go”. That was the first time in my career and it will be the last. Such unfamiliar territory to be told you’re so not on track that you’re about to be dare I say it… sacked! 

Recruitment though is an industry that if you are a fighter will prove to be lucrative as long as you have the right mentality, drive & initiative to succeed. That lunch time back in September I refused to accept those words and said “give me another week to turn it around, change my focus and play me to my strengths”. It’s important to work with your team manager who only has your best interest as his top priority, work with him to work out a personal plan that works for YOU. 

As you can guess, it worked and I succeeded! 

In recruitment there are options – picking an industry, a niche/sector/vertical & lastly PERM or CONTRACT? Currently I have the best of both worlds in that I’m working a dual desk and personally for me, I’m keen to keep it this way. It enables you to have the best of both worlds in maintaining a base of running contractors to cover your earning threshold and then being able to achieve 100% of your hard earned commission on perm deals. 

What’s next for me? 

I’m keen to carry on as I am; the sky is the limit in regards to what I can earn in this industry. You put in the hours? You work smart? 

I can earn £200,000 per year if I bill £500,000 – and the only person that can get me there is me.

It’s so important to work in a way that suits you…  Everyone here approaches people in different ways, using different techniques/ways of working; there are no 2 recruiters the same. 

All I will say is the 3 most important things I have learnt in my time in recruitment and ones that I feel will stand true through all recruitment, for all people for as long as recruitment’s around are: 

Being cynical, by which I mean always be prepared for the worst outcome, expect people to do anything but what you want/need them to do. Therefore yes, you put more work in but the outcome will always be positive at a bare minimum with a majority of the time ending in you over delivering and increasing your chances of success. 

Creating haste with candidates… Naturally recruitment as an industry is fast moving therefore you need to ensure you set deadlines & ensure both clients and candidates understand the importance of getting things done ASAP to beat other recruiters. That way you keep clients interested, you keep candidates interested & have them invested in every opportunity. 

Under promise and over deliver… this one speaks for itself. Never over promise and raise expectations of clients and candidates for them to be disappointed later in the process. There’s nothing better than a candidate being surprised you’ve achieved him a larger salary/day rate than initially anticipated or a client having someone start a few weeks sooner than expected… 

I hope for anyone considering entering recruitment as their next endeavour or for anyone in recruitment seeking advice you have found this blog to be beneficial. Hopefully you can take a few of the lessons I have learnt and avoid them yourselves but as I’ve said already the best lessons learnt are ones you learn from each hurdle you encounter.