'Angry Birds Star Wars' and other cool gaming franchise crossovers

By Ashley Campbell.


Blazing its way up the app downloads charts the past few days has been the latest addition to Angry Birds franchise with ‘Angry Birds Star Wars’. I’ve only just downloaded the app so can’t really provide too much of a review, but this did spark my thinking of my favourite videogame franchise crossovers that I’ve had the pleasure of playing.

To start with a heavy hitter of a game, Marvel vs Capcom 2 is arguably the finest gaming crossover created. Expansive character list and a beautiful fighting engine, this once rare treat is available for download on Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation network for your gaming delight. There have been many incarnations or variants of this game that have come before and after this (including a rival attempt with Mortal Kombat vs DC), but you’ll have to go a long way to find something this playable and fun.

I’m torn between which exact ‘Mario vs Sonic’ game to put on here so I think it’s best to bundle them all together for this post. This has only become a possibility due to Sega’s decision to step away from the console market after the Dreamcast making these titles a reality. None the less these Olympic/Winter Olympic and other sporting titles are great games for family/friends to battle it out.

One for the history books and where Mario Kart owns the title of king of the multiplayer racing game, this definitely held the crown as far as single player racing goes in its day. Diddy Kong from Rareware’s Donkey Kong country series leads the way in this great title, joined by a fresh new cast that had not been seen before. What makes this game different to the others mentioned is that this essentially spawned breakaway games, as a result turning this into a crossover in its own right. Including the Banjo-Kazooie and Conker series that all have Diddy Kong Racing to thank.

The game to settle the debate of which franchise is better, ‘Street Fighter X Tekken’ puts for the first time Capcom and Namco’s finest into action with a 2 vs 2 tag battle format letting you put your preferred character combos to the test. This particular version has been made by Capcom so naturally leans towards Street Fighter gaming with a hint of Tekken, with ‘Namco’s Tekken X Street Fighter’ in the making to provide something their regulars will feel more at home with. Whatever your issues may be with the specifics of this game, the fact that you can put characters from these two gods of the fighting world together is history in its own right.

The mother-load of the crossover, Super Smash Bros Brawl pits some of Nintendo’s finest titles together in this all out beat-em up including guest appearances from Sonic and Solid Snake. Too many titles to count from F Zero to Pokemon are at your disposal at yet another multiplayer gem which got its series debut on the N64 in 1999. My only gripe with this game is that I’m not very good at it! But I’m not petty enough to leave this out of my list.

It’s easy to spot the trend of fighting games that allow the seamless integration for crossover games, with other genres limited to cameos from different games as opposed to full blown mash-ups, none the less any chance we get to pit characters against each other whether it be fighting, racing or mini game sporting events is always a fun experience.

There’s a solid selection of games left off of this list purely through me not wanting to get too niche with some of my personal favourites (Capcom Vs SNK 2 springs to mind!) and with Capcom X Namco X Sega in development the gaming crossover is far from dead.

To sum this up I guess it’s a big thank you to Rovio for giving me an excuse to think through the above titles.

Taken from: http://ashdigitalupdates.wordpress.com/