Aon's Acquisition of Kloud

One of the subjects which my network was abuzz with last week was the recent announcement of Aon Hewitt’s acquisition of Kloud, Europe’s largest dedicated Workday Partner.  Aon it seems are now in an enviable position of having the biggest roster of certified Workday consultants in a market which continues to show rapid growth. And with Workday announcing strategic plans for Europe’s largest economy (Germany) this is seems to be a very smart alliance. One of the pressing questions for any new Workday client is the selection of a Deployment partner, more and more customers are becoming savvy to the fact that within a comparatively limited talent pool, a fully resourced Partner can make or break an implementation. It will also mean for Aon less reliance on their US Practice to service contracts in Europe. Also for the larger Consultancies who already have strategic relationships with Kloud, this will mean a revision of that relationship. 

There is also the question of what does this mean for competition? After all this isn’t the first acquisition of its kind, Mercers recently took Jeitosa International another prominent, yet smaller, European Workday Partner under their wing. Workday is a best-of-breed premium product with a matching price tag and with the focus now turned on scaling for multinationals, does this mean SME’s will become priced out of the Workday model in the short term?  Let’s hope not.