Apple's iPhone 6 - Plausible features to expect

Apple is set to launch the latest version of their top-selling range of smart phones – the iPhone 6.

Over the past-year there has been a huge amount of speculation around of the claim of ‘leaked’ iPhone 6 details, and it remains to be seen which of these are true and which are fiction.

We’ve scoured the web for the opinions of industry experts and have consolidated what we believe to be the most plausible opinions in order to give you an idea of what to expect come September 9th 2014, when Apple formally launches the iPhone 6.

Available with either 4.7inch or 5.5 inch screens


The iPhone screen size has increased in size since the release of the iPhone 4 back in 2011, which was 3.5inches as opposed to the 4inch iPhone 5. This trend is set to continue as Apple look to release their largest smart phone yet which, according to www.macrumours.com, will be available in two different sizes – 4.7inch or 5.5inch. We think this is a perfectly plausible rumour, illustrated by the particularly convincing evidence available on www.macrumours.com - who have published unconfirmed ‘leaked’ images of the iPhone 6 with these screen sizes.

Screen - a mixture of sapphire and glass


The material of the screen has been widely debated over the course of the last year, and with it being well-publicised that Apple has invested heavily in materials such as glass and sapphire, we think it’s highly likely that the iPhone 6 will have a mixture of both of these materials.

For a while, it was the opinion of most experts that the iPhone 6 would have solely sapphire based screen – due to the material being a lot more robust to bending and scratching compared to other materials. However, it is thought that Apple’s supply chain has failed to meet the production demands of the technology giant, forcing Apple to reassess the specification of the iPhone 6’s screen.

Wireless charging capability


With an increasing crop of wirelessly charged devices becoming available on the market, Apple will not want to fall behind with battery charging technology – therefore will release their iPhone 6 with full wireless charging capability. Whilst a lot of people will still be more accustomed with conventional phone chargers – wireless charging is a logical way for Apple to future-proof their devices – therefore we think this is a perfectly plausible feature of the iPhone 6.

Triple retina image display


A long term rumour, allegedly Apple will release iOS 8 along with the iPhone 6 which will, in turn, be able to render images at an incredible triple retina resolution – meaning a screen display that is super-sharp. Originally it was thought that the triple-retina display would only be evident within the larger 5.5inch iPhone 6 device, however, there is evidence in snippets of the iOS 8 code released by Apple that suggest that both devices will have the super-crisp resolution.

Healthkit and Medical ID Application


An understated, yet pretty cool potential feature of the iPhone 6 is the inclusion of the ‘HealthKit’ app as default. This app has the potential to show your medical details on the home screen of the iPhone 6 which will aim to help paramedics in case of an emergency – listing allergies or conditions that you may have.