Being a Managing 360 Recruitment Consultant

You may recall from my last blog my story so far at Vertex Solutions from Junior to Senior Consultant. Since then a lot of things have changed and I would say for the better and with a long term goal. I have been part of the launch of Humilis Consulting from the start and I am really excited about its future as well and my future!

The topic of this blog is focused on being a Managing 360 recruitment consultant.

It’s not easy being a 360 recruitment consultant. There is always “something” (often a number of “things”) that you MUST do – thus, your plate is always pretty full. However, being a 360 consultant who manages a team of other consultants be it delivery or 360 that is a completely different ball game all together – it takes the need for organisation and prioritisation to another level!

It all has to start with the basics… making sure you are aligned on daily, weekly, monthly and long term objectives as a team. It is important to ensure that everyone is clear on the long term goal and the short term milestones to hit in order to get there. Once this is in place, striving to achieve those becomes the goal and smashing them is a huge motivation!

I have recently taken on an energetic and ambitious member junior (new to recruitment) into my team where I have worked closely on being a successful team with my specific niche market area with an aim or duelling or tag teaming the permanent and contracted market within our sector.

So in my case I have not just had to manage but also train and develop on the job after coming into recruitment and out of university myself less than 2 years ago myself. The training that Humilis Consulting and the Vertex Solutions Group offers is also second to none in my opinion and that is speaking from first-hand experience as well as seeing the development of my own team members as a result of the training which encompasses all the topics and areas you would need to be a successful 360 recruiter in your own right.

On a personal level the next steps for me that I and eager to embark is management training with the world's leading source of intelligent information for both businesses and professionals. Being a leader within the business so soon into my career has given me more motivation to strive and ensure that we are the best within our space and providing a service to our clients and professionals within our sector which in turn will help to ensure successful project go lives and happy customers.