Berlin vs London on the Tech Scene

As an international consultancy we deal with both candidates and clients alike from all around the globe with a focus on Europe. The tech scene as a whole would be a gigantic beast to tame without a focus firstly for a business and even more so our consultants!

A focus can be as open or as niche as you choose from a technology perspective through to clients and location. We therefore naturally aim to provide ourselves with the best chance of success by choosing hot technologies, cool clients & city’s that people actually want to work in!

This brings us to the topic of our discussion Berlin vs London in relation to the Tech Scene…………..

If you asked my co-workers they would all be able to tell you my thoughts on the best cities to work in in the world. If you are a Developer, System Administrator, Product guy, Tech Manager through to CTO. London, Berlin & San Francisco – THESE are the cities you want to be living in to have amazing opportunities on your doorstep at THE coolest companies in the world.

Both London & Berlin are competing to be Europe’s equivalent of Silicon Valley where all of the HQ’s are for such companies as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Ebay, Netflix & Yahoo. You can work for these companies in London though as they are global corporations with offices everywhere. London is therefore good for working in the exceptionally desirable, career changing companies – but you must know they have very high standards and 100‘s of applicants. How will you stand out from the crowd?

In addition to the corps London is full of cool start-ups with a large concentration in the Shoreditch area. This is a part of London that’s close to the city but not too close to be uncool. Here you have success stories with the likes of Transferwise & Hailo In addition to these you also have the new start-ups emerging on a daily basis with a world changing ground-breaking idea that if they successfully achieve the right funding from the right people with the right team behind them – could become the next Uber….

Berlin though is a cool city full stop (no bias..). You need to visit it to see whatever you can summarise cool as being, but Berlin has ‘it’. With cool clubs, cool café’s and bars, more and more meet-ups happening on a regular basis and being a very internationally spoken city, Berlin is set to surpass London as the start-up hub of Europe.

If you are a developer you will notice a subtle difference in a preference to technologies that both London and Berlin use as a whole, but both love cool emerging technologies and if they don’t know it yet – they are competing to be the city that Techies MUST work in. as a heads up to the technologies Berlin over London is filled with companies loving RoR (Ruby on Rails) as a back end language and AWS (Amazon Web Services) predominantly and their hosting service.

Overall you must go to where suites your needs and desires most. As a recruitment consultant I deal with people from all over Europe, everyone with a different story, a different dream a different career plan & a very different situation (families, mortgage, dependents, money requirements and the biggest factor of all, a partner (girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, husband)......... With a simple “No” everything can come to a complete halt in the transition to pastures new. Have the conversation early on or at least before you invest time in a move because if indeed you aren’t a free man or woman, you are only 50% of the equation in the decision making process in your career change.