Busman's Holiday - Recruiting Recruiters

Ironically the challenges for a growing recruitment business tend to be around…recruitment! We are specialists in developing talent pipelines, puddles, pools and flow for our clients; however we are notoriously inefficient at doing it for our businesses.

Some of the challenges in hiring in to a recruitment business are around the in-tangibles that need to be taken in to consideration when one decides whether an individual has the raw talent to make it as a recruiter or indeed, whether an existing recruiter actually is what they say they are!


What does it take to be a great recruiter? Well there are many components and I have met many great recruiters...So surely we can just reverse engineer them, create the recipe and hire against the ingredients? If only! You see the problem with that is, of all of the great recruiters I have met,  none have the same list of traits . Recruitment is a sport that can be played in many different ways. Typically, you need to work out a way of working that is true to who you are, thus your starting point is your personality and you need to build on this.

Having said there are no 2 recruiters the same, it is fair to say that all great recruiters share one thing…they are all driven to succeed. Success can of course mean different things to different personalities, however the root to it is a burning desire to achieve their brand of “success”.

So, coming back to why it is so hard to build a recruitment business. If we agree that drive is the most important thing and all of the other aspects of recruitment can be taught or learned. We just need to interview against this. Right?

Yes, but easier said than done. This is a sales career path. Therefore, all potential interviewee’s will tell you that they are driven and would crawl over broken glass to achieve their goals. The problem is identifying which ones are genuine (And some even state these things thinking they are true, but soon find out that they are not!).

Vertex have invested in a dedicated recruitment team for internal hiring. We also have trusted relationships with selected recruitment to recruitment businesses. Our interview process encompasses numerous stages, on the job assessment; competency based interviewing, psychometric testing all on top of good old fashioned gut feel!

Have we got the answer, afraid not yet! However we are constantly improving, reducing attrition, honing our selection and induction process. I am sure we will get there…..I’ll be sure to share the secret when we do! In the meantime, if you are considering a career in recruitment or thinking about making a change, come and chat to us. We won’t give you a job on the spot, but at least if we do you can be sure we have carefully considered it!


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