Career progression is one of the key motivators for moving jobs

Career progression has always been important, whether it’s progressing up the ladder into management or just bettering yourself, increasing skills, experiences etc. It’s always been and I imagine always will be important to be able to progress within your job!

This is one of the key motivators for people moving jobs and this was the same for me when I was looking for a new recruitment career 3 years ago. It’s also a question I’m asked when I’m interviewing “why did you join Vertex?” and Career progression was top of my list when I was out looking for the next career move.

Career Balloon

So why did I join Vertex? A couple of main reasons;

Firstly the ambition I saw that Vertex has and the goals and ambitions for the company over a clear time frame. This was important as it showed me a way to build a career path that was right for me. I’ve managed people before and this was again something I wanted to do, with the growth plans in place I saw a great opportunity to grow into this position with some hard work.

Secondly, it seemed to be a blank slate to achieve anything I wanted to, go after a market within IT that interested me and make it my own, travel into Europe on client visits, possibly set up an office overseas! All options available (and some we’ve since tried) with a meritocratic environment that would promote for achievements and actions, but also with the support of a forward thinking Management and Board!

Anyone who knows me will know that moving to Vertex has worked, I’ve seen first-hand what career progression you can achieve at Vertex in a relatively short time with hard work.

We now have in place a clear career progression for anyone coming in at any level from Apprentice, Trainee, Senior through to Director and what has to be achieved to get there. Check out our career page!

It’s great to see people who we’ve hired as an apprentice really come into their own and progress into roles that suit them within Vertex including rising up to a Senior Consultant and even take point on our internal recruitment.

We’ve places for anyone who is able to take on the challenge of working with one of the fastest growing IT recruitment consultancies in the UK and a path for you to achieve anything you want to.

I’ll welcome a conversation with anyone who believes they have what it takes to make it big and show you first-hand what we can offer you in return! Contact us


photo credit: Heath Bar