CMS choices

There is a plenty of CMSs to choose from out there and many companies opt in for different ones depending on their technical requirements, in-house skills, budgets and results that they want to achieve.

With a huge choice out there ranging from .NET based CMS like Sitecore and Umbraco to many of the open-sourced platforms it is no wonder sometimes it is not easy to make that choice or alternatively I often find clients purchasing one system and then realising it is not for them and changing half-way through or even earlier and migrating onto a completely another one.

As a specialist on CMS platforms I can see the success of certain CMSs amongst the clients across UK and Europe, and even as far as USA and Australia, especially in the recent couple of years. While arguably it is a necessary part of building a high standard  interactive, highly responsive and well-designed sites with multitude of functions, included but not limited to mobile, some companies manage to do quite well on the certain legacy systems or custom-built CMS – take Facebook, for example, who is not using any of the most popular systems out there, and instead have written a custom-made one based on PHP language which in turn works very well for them and so far had been enough to cover all of their requirements, including interactive “real-time” responses on the Facebook page.

To summarise all of the above choosing the right content management system can affect the ultimate success of your digital strategy. As these days, choosing a web content management system is about more than just content management. A web CMS can help you manage and update the content on your website but it can also help you consistently deliver excellent customer experience across all touch points. Beyond web content management alone, you need to consider a platform that also unifies multiple channels, campaigns, visitor information, and performance measurement into one integrated marketing toolset.

I would say scalability, features of the CMS, cost and streamlining business processes are the main 4 criteria you need to consider while choosing a right CMS for you and/or your client. If you get all of them right-you will be onto the winner!

CMS must meet your needs today but will also be easily scaled to grow with your business. You have to also know what marketing features to look for such as analytics, SEO, email marketing and social integration and decide what's most important for your business. You also have to be able to streamline business processes by choosing a CMS that integrates with your CRM, ERP and other legacy systems.