Demand for Business Intelligence and Big Data Talent – The Forecast

Surveys have suggested that the steady increase in demand for data science and big data tech talent is set to continue. Of a survey of over 700, more than half predicted growth in their teams/organisations in 2017.

In a nutshell, data science and big data allows companies to have on site teams analysing collected data to provide valuable insights to help direct strategic decisions.

Of course with Brexit effectively meaning tighter border control, an already starved talent pool will not get any better. Some say many from the EU will try and come to the UK before Brexit is actually carried out, but personally I see many Europeans have crossed the UK of the dream destination list, almost feeling unwelcome as it was essentially a public vote.

This will mean increased competition for talent in the data science space especially, we’re already seeing more remote working options from employers, one of our clients in London asks that you pop in to the office once a month! Flexible working is also important, mind boggling data volumes will excite the more passionate engineers and of course the salaries will shoot up mirroring the house price supply/demand model.

Only recently this month, Deliveroo talked about doubling the number of data scientists in its London HQ, doubling from 150 to 300. For anyone interested, they’re heavily into those who can build algorithms, they’re looking to have a presence in over 100 cities reaching 16,000 restaurants globally.

One method is securing graduates; I met a client last week who has partnered with several universities. The plan is to recruit data science grads with master’s degrees and then fund the PhD in return for the study to be done based on the problem the client is trying to solve!

Will certainly be interesting times, though let’s hope the shortage of talent does not result in employers giving up hope of a data science team and throwing the work to consultancies or indeed off-shoring.

Sandeep Singh  - LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sunnysinghvertex