Does your company have bouncebackability?

By Edward Kelly. There are some big things happening at the moment in the world of hiring, Real Madrid have just broken the already huge record with an astronomical price paid for Gareth Bale and Arsenal have done on a similar scale themselves with Ozil. This set off with a frenzy of hiring across Europe, Game changers ? In more way than one, budgets have opened up confidence is back people are looking to gain the advantage through the people / resources on their team.

It’s not all just about the game though, across industry sectors people are talking about the biggest month they have seen in hiring in the past 5 years, many sectors have shown fantastic bouncebackability in this post-recession market conditions. Working closely in the technology market I have seen first hand the increase in demand coming through across both permanent and temporary / contract areas. Clients are showing the willingness to push ahead once again with less fear of scoring an own goal by overstretching themselves. I am enjoying travelling across Europe speaking to innovative people at C Level all recognising the need and the opportunity to push ahead now to keep and gain market share through technology and people.

It looks like things have kicked off again on more than one front. Are you as excited about the months to come as I am ?