Do's and Don'ts when asked, "Do you have any questions?" in an interview

So we’ve covered the opening hurdle “Tell me a bit about yourself” including the opportunities and risks involved with this opening interview statement.

Now I want to tackle the last hurdle of an interview “Do you have any questions for me?” Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just a last minute question to ensure nothing has been missed. Your response to this question could make or break your interview. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts:



Ask about the company culture

  • What type of person thrives in this company?
  • What tends to be the team dynamics?
  • Are people here more interested in being in a team or standing out as individuals?

Ask about the interviewer

  • What is your background, how did you find yourself here?
  • What about your job have you enjoyed the most?
  • Google them for any blogs, articles and social network profile, etc. and ask about that.

Ask about the position

  • What would constitute me being successful in this position?
  • If offered, in my year review what would I need to have done to be told “What an amazing year!”
  • What has made past employees in this position successful or unsuccessful?

Ask about the company

  • What are the companies’ plans for the future?
  • How does this role fit in with your future plans?


  • Ask about salary, bonus and benefits.
  • Ask if you can work from home (if you can this would have been advertised)
  • Ask how long it will be until you can re-apply or apply for other roles within the company.
  • Ask the interviewer the worst parts of their job.
  • Ask when you will get the chance to work in an overseas office like a hot country.
  • Ask if you will be expected to work outside core hours.
  • Ask about their policy on personal emails and calls.
  • Ask how soon you can take holiday.


Re-read this, try and take it in so you have the best chance you possibly can for getting through the interview process. Tell me your experiences and what has worked for you.