Front End Development

‘Front end development’ is becoming increasingly popular. Front end developer numbers are growing and so is the importance of keeping up with the latest developments. Whether you are a senior developer or a junior beginning their journey in this space, keeping up with new tech tools is something developers need to keep in mind when delving into the web industry.

Front End Development

The web industry is fragmented enough that there is room for a lot of different people with different skill sets, but equipping yourself with the ‘right’ or the best set of skills is a skill within itself. Speaking to developers’ everyday it is clear to see that time is the biggest pressure, but managing this effectively pays off, BIG time. Doing some research at home and playing around with new frameworks such as Angular 2.0 and React.js would be a good move. The new version of Angular is exactly that; new. Revolutionary, faster, cleaner and a complete remake of the original, this means that any knowledge on the previous version is obsolete but would put future ‘Angularians’ on a level playing field! There’s been a bit of a fuss around React.js too, it was first developed at Facebook for internal purposes and once the engineers realised they created something awesome, they were kind enough to share it with the world. React.js makes writing Javascript easier (always a plus!), very efficient to use along with giving you out of the box developer tools (makes debugging your app tonnes easier!)

For those starting out in web development it’s a rather daunting moment when they find out how much is necessary to know in the world of front-end development today, but staying up to date is absolutely vital!

Something interesting to consider is that tools have been introduced to make things ‘easier’ and to an extent automated, almost, doing it all for the user, but what’s strange is that things haven't got simpler, in fact everything is more complex now. Client requirements are to an optimum when it comes to complexity as there is an abundance of client-side intensive web applications now, so tracking and observes change in the front end space will be worth any developer.

With all these constant changes taking place, on a daily basis, developers are changing the way they work, adapting and becoming experts in their space maybe without even knowing it.