Future for Gadgets

Future for Gadgets

Following the end of a rather dull year for all; seeing only a handful of great technologies erupt and come to life, we have now begun a new year – 2017; so, what does that mean for the development of these snazzy gadgets for this year and the years to come.     

Last year, here in the UK we saw the release of the Amazon Echo. A smart speaker with the capability to become your voice controlled, personal assistant as well as a bunch of other developments in the voice activation space. The PlayStation VR – a virtual reality headset which is to be used in combination with the PlayStation 4 for a more intense gaming experience. And finally, but not least, Apple’s ugly AirPods. A long-awaited design for wireless earphones which look like the head of an electric toothbrush.

Being slightly behind in terms of actually being released these gadgets – we’re hoping to see some more fantastic developments to come to life in the close future.

It seems as if already, 2017 has its heart set on bringing us some amazing gadgets including the Oculus Rift; a revolutionary virtual reality device which animates the real world around the ‘wearer’, allowing them to walk around places such as their own home, or a shopping mall whilst wearing the headset. This is due to be released in the UK in September 2017.

If that isn’t enough to make you gasp. Google are releasing the Google Glass 2 with software updates this year (after a nigh-on failed prototype a few years earlier). This is another head mounted display with voice activation. The Google Glass has been created as a set of eyeglasses with the ability to allow users to see and interact with information in a smartphone-like, hands free format with a number of possibilities to occur such as allowing medical students to actually be able to watch procedures from a surgeons eye view, taking a picture by simply saying “OK Glass, take a picture” and also as absurd as it sounds, there is a ‘Sex with Glass’ app which allows people to watch themselves having intercourse through their partners eyes. Strange ay! This is due to be released to the public this year at some time.

So, what does the future look like?

Danielle Harris - LinkedIn:https://uk.linkedin.com/in/danielleharrisvertex