How to manage your web developers

Managing web developers

Web developers are the people that have the power regarding anything internet related. Although your business may not be run by a developer, they are the key to your success and can often be the difference between companies thriving or barely surviving. As a business manager or leader, what can you do to ensure the successful management of your web development team? With the help of some of our clients, we have compiled the following list of advice designed to help you get the most out of your web developers.

Make sure your designs are 100% complete

Web developers hate last minute changes that may interrupt the development phase of a project. To counter this, before delivering your designs to the development team, ensure that your clients are completely happy with the final designs and give the green light for development. Inevitably you will have clients who change their mind during the development process, but from our experience, web developers are a lot more compliant when design alterations or changes in functionality come from the client instead of from the preventable position of the management team.

Encourage communication

Make sure that your web development team are in the habit of relaying key information to each other. In turn, this will help the ‘dev’ team iron out any creases in their processes which will ultimately help speed up development time of future projects. Allowing web developers communicate with each other will also help morale – making them feel a part of a time striving for the same things. By nature, web development can be a lonely process, so this will help ensure that your team is happy.

Let your developers speak to clients

As a manager, it is very easy to get insular when it comes to dealing with your clients. In certain respects, it is of no business of your web development team to know what your client’s thoughts and feelings are. But sometimes you need to allow your web development team to answer technical questions from your clients. Believe it or not, allowing this can be beneficial to each party. Not only will you be offering the best advice that you company can give to your client, by connecting your team with your client, they will get a better idea of the bigger picture, and will feel more involved with a different side of the company – potentially getting them more invested in your business’s operations. So next time, consider resisting the temptation to shield your web development team from your clients.

Use a project management tool

Keeping on top of what your web dev team are up to can be challenging. Use project management tools like ‘Trello’ or ‘Basecamp’ to your advantage by setting up specific deadlines and goals in a web platform that you and your employees can update.

Let them get on with it

One of the temptations when managing your development team is to constantly quiz them on what they are, or have been, up to. Within reason, it’s often best to leave developers up to their own devices. When your developers are knee deep in code, interrupting them can be the worst thing you can do. Obviously some interruptions are unavoidable, but you should consider having a period of 1-2 hours per working day when you don’t disturb your team.

Best-practice web development takes time

As a manager or business leader, you need to understand that best-practice web development takes time, and is ultimately an investment. If code has been produced properly, then there’s a higher chance that it won’t have to be revisited at a later date which may cost your company valuable time and money. If you can, you should consider charging clients extra for testing and quality control phases to ensure that you provide the best possible product possible.