Is a man’s word his bond?

Increasingly in recent months in a tough market, it appears that a man’s, or woman’s, word is not his/her bond. 2017has been a series of ups and downs, highlights and low lights. The low’s in general being candidates going back on their commitments to me and indeed to my clients. I fully recognise that counter offers, contract extensions are a fact of life, but surely so is commitment?

In the last 2 months, I personally have been caught out by candidates giving acceptance of offers by clients, arranging start dates for good roles that offer progression and increased compensation, then to retract at the last minute. A highly frustrating circumstance when all scenarios are put to candidates giving them every opportunity to pull out prior to offering full commitment. In the main, reasoning being current stability, or current employers offering better conditions or packages for the same role that a week previous was simply not an option. PI fully appreciate that it’s the choice of candidates to make whatever decision they feel appropriate, I can advise and consult, but I can’t force. I also can’t force commitment. In a market where progression and availability to new trends and technologies is key, I’m keen to understand candidates motivations for “staying put” when what they themselves have agree would be a better move. There could be many answers to this question, Brixit (yawn), Trump (boring), or simply that change raises fear over stability. I’m looking for commentary here, open discussions and experiences from the floor!

By Jude Arscott - LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jarscott/