Joe loves a cliché (and his job!)

I am the Lead Data Analytics Head-Hunter at Vertex, tasked with building out a strong division in this field. With my first year anniversary looming, it is a good time a good time to look back on my 1st year in recruitment. It has been filled with ups and downs but now more than ever I love my job and reaping the rewards of hard graft. Below are three points that have been key in ensuring I have the platform to succeed.




Recruitment is a tough job at times and the nature of the role means that there will and likely be disappointments and rejections. This is part of job – deals will fall out and clients will have last minute changes. Perseverance is needed, you need to be made of tough stuff and move on very quickly. With this being said the good times certainly outweigh the bad moments – it is important to ensure you keep going because there is light at the end of the tunnel! (Cliché but true!)

The importance of team

As they say - “there is no I in team” (second cliché, but again true!). This has been very true in my time in recruitment. Coming straight out of university the support, trust and confidence I have been given by team members and management has been vital. Culture and fit are very important to ensuring the working environment is conducive to success. Work needs to be fun – as realistically you spend most of the week there. There is always banter and the team here are striving towards success individually and collectively. 

Self Improvement

As mentioned above the team is important but fundamentally success depends on the individual and you must consistently strive to better yourself. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink (last cliché, I promise!). In my first year I have constantly had to improve and better myself. This includes improving my organisation, proactively learning more about my market, and perfecting my approach to both clients and candidates.

Essentially my 1st year has been good; I have learnt so much and have achieved great things. The points above are what have been important in enabling success. Going into the New Year I want to continue to be crucial to the success of both clients and candidates in achieving their goals, as along the way this will ensure that I achieve mine.