Keep a lookout for ReactJS!!

I’m no techie – but after 4 or 5 years in recruitment I’ve seen Javascript as a fast evolving technology. We saw angular first appear around 2009, but ReactJS is a new one to look out for!!

React.js, sometimes referred to as simply React, is a JavaScript library for creating user interfaces. Initially created due to a collaboration between Facebook and Instagram, it’s now used by some of the top tech firms interested in remaining at the bleeding edge.

Though somewhat incomplete in comparison to angular, it’s encourages the reuse of UI components – and essentially aims to make things super fast! It’s aimed at replacing existing frameworks which can struggle to render large amounts of data

It can also pair with other upcoming tech such as NodeJS to aid optimisation and thus performance!

To give a very “very” basic example of functionality, Think of a time we have all waited seemingly ages a list, database or webpageto refresh (f5 button hit repeatedly), I’m sure we’ve all seen this on our PC’s, laptops, mobile phones.

Now imagine a list of 100 hundred things, but you make an adjustment to the third one down, and only that one is re-rendered and the others remain untouched – it’s quicker, and it does a lot of virtual stuff in the background to make sure it does not slow down the user experience.