Life from an Associate to Senior Consultant!

Wow, how things can change so fast at Vertex, I started as an Associate Consultant in August 2013, now I am a Senior Consultant, and here’s how…  

In my opinion it is all about building those vital relationships with clients and candidates. Both are as equally important as each other. You may hear markets are “candidate driven” which I agree with, and even see first-hand companies make or tailor positions for the right candidate. But you do need to have those relationships with clients to know when organisations are hiring, what they are hiring for and respecting your consulting and advisory capability. I have done so much business recently which has brought the leading names and figures in my industry directly to me from what they hear in the market globally with niche needs and requirements and they need my support and advice.

Building this network, embedding myself in this area and really working hard getting on the phone and out of the office to meetings has seen things move radically within Vertex for myself, I would like to say a huge thanks to the training given before graduating from the Vertex programme.

I have attended many quarterly achiever lunches at Vertex, which are for those who exceed targets; this has (quite literally) given me the taste for success.  In this industry you must be driven to achieve more and more success and never be satisfied.

After I graduated in 2013, I joined Vertex and things have moved so quickly that I am now a Senior Consultant and have set things up very nicely for myself personally and for the company in which 2015 holds a great deal of triumph I am sure, with teams growing further. Many changes will be put into effect to highlight the London team’s position within their markets which I am sure will only benefit the team in the New Year, which I am massively looking forward to.

A final point I want to touch upon is the culture at Vertex. Arguably as a member of the London team based predominantly in Hemel Hempstead in 2014 I have the broadest overall view of the company culture. There is great noise being generated by both teams and characters in the company driving everyone else to achieve great success.