Linux & Windows Controversy

I recently wrote “windows is dead”, this as it turns out has been quite a controversial thought. Since the last post on this I have spoken to a lot of very industry personnel who have been more than vocal on their views on the debate.

Firstly to return to a point I made previously that the RAF are using Linux more and more, to the best of my knowledge this statement holds true. Despite this I have been informed that whilst the RAF are moving more towards Linux, the Navy are in fact sticking firm with Windows – the so called “Windows for Warships”, although I have been informed that their might have been some incentives other than performance in this decision, to quote my source “we don’t run in a world where the best solutions run”.

So far I seem to be sticking with my personal bias as I did last time so let’s move to the other side of the debate. I have been reminded more than once that the reason that Windows remains as popular as it does is because it is easy to use. This is of course a point that no one can disagree with, even though Linux has become a lot more user friendly in recent years there is still the occasional requirement (however rare) that you go to terminal and ‘bash’ out a couple of scripts to get what you need done. Even if you are a geek like me this can be a tiresome task and for the average user this is an unthinkable effort.

As has been highlighted to me the gap between tech geeks and the average population is closing but it is also becoming ever more important. As technology becomes more accessible it must also become more easily usable because these days the geeks are using the same tech as everyone else.

To conclude I should probably be a little less biased than I have previously been and say that each of the OS’s have their benefit for different applications, Windows for its ease of use, Linux for its security and reliability and Apple for the cool factor. Despite this apparent change of my opinion I would still say that I am an avid Linux fan and if nobody has been able to change my mind on that then I suspect that no matter what I say I won’t be able to convince anyone else to change theirs if it is already made.