Mobile - The digital investment of 2017

Speaking with some of my clients coming into the close of 2016 about their road map and hiring plans for 2017 I have consistently heard one thing – “we are looking to grown the Mobile team” some of which are doubling their mobile team. Researching into the facts behind mobile and how it does help businesses to increase revenue and just by how much a good mobile application can improve an organisations revenue stream.

I found a very good article by Mobify, and picked out 3 ways that mobile can help increase revenue

Increased conversionsWith more shoppers using mobile to enter the purchase funnel at different points, having a slick, modern and effective mobile presence, which delivers fast page speeds, optimised user experience, shorter checkout flows and new payment options such as Apple Pay is going to increase conversion. With mobile forming a crucial part of most purchase journeys – even if it isn’t always the point of purchase – such a mobile experience will naturally drive increased conversions.

New customers – With shoppers increasingly searching on mobile while at rest, commuting or on a whim – and with Google prioritising mobile optimised sites and apps – if your mobile offering is effective and optimal then new customers are going to come your way simply because they ca n find you.

Increased customer valueAs with new customers, mobile gives you many more opportunities to drive conversion as it plays into more stages of the purchase funnel. A good mobile experience is more likely to see those new customers return and spend again. A simple and effective experience on mobile – and across channels – will also lead to increased spending and order

value from loyal, return customers.

As a mobile recruiter within a Digital Tech business, we’re already seeing an increase in budgets and requirements for mobile developers as consumer focussed businesses are looking to drive forwards with improving their mobile offerings.

However, with the skills shortage in this area, having someone well networked and able to deliver high quality profiles is going to be imperative to achieving hiring plans and that is music to my ears!

If, as it looks, the new year is driving more mobility projects, roll on 2017!