Mobile World Congress 2016

Mobile World Congress is over for another year, and as we’ve come to expect all the big names were pulling out all the stops, but the big theme from the week seems to hint 2016 being a breakthrough year for Virtual Reality.

The usual suspects (HTC, LG, Samsung) all brought their versions of VR to MWC this year, with VR the running theme to show off an array of new products. The indications from MWC, with even Mark Zuckerberg jumping on board with his support for the Samsung Gear VR, is that Virtual Reality is here to stay and is primed to make a big impact.

Virtual reality has already seen us move way forwards from the once discarded ideas of the late 90’s. Mobile phones strapped into headsets are opening up new ideas to various industries and understanding the full applications of Virtual Reality in this day and age are just coming to fruition. Facebook is dedicating a large amount of “innovation” resource into the applications of Virtual Reliaty into the Social Sphere. Imagine logging into Facebook to sit down and chat with your friends in real time, using VR to create a picture close to the real thing.

Gaming will likely be impacted first by the immerging VR with games like Minecraft already being pipelined for release this year, however taking stock of how far mobiles, smart watches and other technology has advanced, we’re likely to see more adopters of this technology through 2016.

You’d expect to pay £1,500 for a full VR suite, however with Google Cardboad allowing users to create a VR headset by plugging in your phone, Virtual Reality is already available and being used and that price tag will seem less and less distant as users start to use VR and potentially replace your typical TV household over time.

As for answering the question “is Virtual Reality the future?”, it’s still early days, but from what we’ve just seen, it looks like it’s here to stay!