My Journey

Since starting my career in recruitment, the most challenging and exciting part of my job has been dealing with different clients. I’m lucky enough to work for a large spread of Digital clients, from grassroot Start-ups through to International Giants. The challenge is within the constant need to keep tabs on who’s doing what, where the technology is moving and keeping in regular contact (without being a nuisance), however, I’ve got to say, it’s my favourite part of my job!

In most Sales positions Business Development is part of something you have to do. Working in a spin-off start-up myself, this again is a massive part of our growth strategy and I love it!

Sometimes you feel like you are a federal agent, responsible for spying on a specific company who are in need of talent. My job is to dig out as much information as possible to understand their resource plans, platforms, environment, architectures, projects, future plans and a raft of other cool information to make sure I’m well informed about the business I want to be partnering up with.

The next part is to find out who is responsible for this hire. The beauty of recruitment is whilst you’re building your network and focussed on a specific area of technology or industry, you speak with 100’s of people doing the same thing as you do. Imagine speaking with 100 people a month on their opinions of the moves, changes and advancements in technology, amongst the obligatory question “how’s your job going?”, you receive a lot information about your market and the target companies who are looking to hire the people you’ve been networking with.

Once you’ve collected the information and research about your target companies and the potential hiring managers, it’s time to put all these hard work into action.

I’ve always been a believer that a phone call will always be better to engage people and build networks. More companies nowadays are realising to keep their staff, they need to move away from the office phone and onto Skype, Hangouts of mobiles, however you still speak with people after you’ve got them interested to get more information, so may as well start there. The hard part of the role is getting in touch with the person in charge. Like all of us, we work! It would be fantastic if we could get paid for sitting around waiting for a call from a really nice person with some good people for review, but that’s just not going to happen.

You call and you hear “Sorry he is at the meeting”. After 3 hours you call back and “Sorry you’ve just missed him”, repeat this over a few days and I guarantee you’ve also covered all of the bases with emails, messages and other ingenious ways of communication.

Business Development and New Client Attraction starts with persistence. You need to be willing to spend as much time booking in times to speak, tracking availability and chancing your luck as you do preparing for the call. All of this in place so that when you manage to finally get hold of the hiring manager, It’s your time to shine!

Expect you’ll have less than 2 minutes to prove to them you’re not “another recruiter” here to waste their time, but all the preparation and hard work to get to this point is because you have something worthwhile to offer you which other recruiters do not have (your exclusive network and understanding of the marketplace).

What amazes me every time, is that more often than not, you’ll get a warm response because of the information you’ve got to hand (not a cold call). When you’re speaking with someone who appreciates what you do and both you and they know you’ll be able to help them build a project team, or get someone in to start in 2 days, that’s the buzz!

The best bit of the job is someone understanding your passion and drive to help their business grow, someone who had concerns and objections to working with me in the first place, now taking your advice and planning a way to help them achieve their hiring goals and this is even more satisfying when you’ve managed to help them grow a project team responsible for £million budgets!

It's not for everyone, but doing it right and have a good network and being persistent, makes this one of the most rewarding jobs in the world!