My Recruitment Experience So Far

Recruitment is very similar to Ronan Keating's 1999 number 1 hit "life is a roller coaster"-Full of ups and downs. I have soon realised the key is to celebrate the highs, and forget about the lows immediately to keep your motivation to the maximum.

There is a lot of fierce competition out there, which means you need to be on your game constantly.

The first few months are tough-lots to learn and lots to learn quickly!

To keep you motivated, it's important to have mini goals to keep you going. Hitting these are a great testament of progress and will keep you motivated to carry on throughout the weeks. The great thing about recruitment is it’s always moving forwards. There are always new projects to work on, consultants to send to the clients and interviews to be booked in!

With any job you get bad days. And with recruitment being intense - a failed interview, or a pretend Python and Django consultant who caught you off guard, because he's actually a recruiter posing on job site to get leads from a wet behind the ears consultants like myself, can make the lows feel even lower! You need to be resilient to this though, because the successes always out do the feelings of a slip up! 

Shortly after starting at Vertex it was clear to me, everyone wants you to succeed. There is an extensive training program which constantly keeps you on the right track. A big part of the training is simply just to get stuck in and "do it". But they make sure all the fundamentals are there to succeed!  I wouldn't even like to count how many questions I've asked the senior consultants (even to this day) to help me out. But nothing is too much trouble for them, everyone is more than willing to help to turn you into the best consultant you can possibly be. This attitude at Vertex is what makes it a very successful company. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed the first few months here and am really looking forward to the future and the successes that come with it!