My Time here at Vertex Solutions International so far....

So I started here 3 months ago and so far I am enjoying it. I did struggle for the first month – I think this is common in recruitment. I am working alongside our senior team - taking responsibility for increasing service delivery within our major accounts. There was a lot to learn however I received all the right training and guidance from the senior staff and both directors within Vertex Solutions.

I am also responsible for driving our international resourcing team, which has been a challenge however our relationship has strengthened over the weeks and we are communicating and working really well together. As a team we have definitely made a positive impact on our accounts, by building a good rapport with our client side contacts, delivering good quality candidates and maintaining our relationship with candidates. In two of our major accounts, we have just had record breaking quarters in terms of performance!

While working here at Vertex Solutions the one word that will stay in my mind will be ‘QUALIFY’! This is due to the importance of qualifying jobs and candidates throughout the whole process. As mentioned by Clarke (2015) “2 reasons why recruiters fail, NOT qualifying candidates and NOT qualifying jobs”.  I have seen the difference between qualify candidates thoroughly and not qualifying candidates properly at the start of the process. Qualifying candidates will be the big difference between succeeding or failing! I believe my skills of qualifying candidates are at a good level – however I know I can improve and I want to be the best!

The question now is where do I see myself at Vertex? I want to be the best that I can be within my job, I want to take full responsibility of our major accounts and deliver top quality candidates to all accounts. Most importantly I want to hit all the team and personal targets in each month. I am working towards a leadership position and I would like to be known as the best account manager that Vertex Solutions has seen!

If you are interested in career opportunities within our business - give me a call on 01442894272 or alternatively email me on m.patel@vertex-solutions.co.uk and we can discuss a future opportunity here at Vertex Solutions International Ltd. (We are hiring for associate level consultants, experienced sales people and future managers – check out our jobs page or facebook for more information)