North East England is the best place to find IT jobs online in the UK!

If you are based in the North East and an IT candidate you are more likely to find work online than this time last year, up 36% from September last year for permanent work and 114% for contract work.  Scotland was the only area to see a decrease in online permanent recruitment at -11% and -8% for contract recruitment.  The salary trend shows IT to have increased year on year by 2.9% with an average salary of £39,904.

Generally online recruitment is increasing in all areas, but noticeably the areas that are struggling are Scotland and temporary recruitment.

According to the latest APSCo report, permanent recruitment improved again compared to this time last year, vacancies increased by 26.3% and placements by 41% there was also a slight increase from August, 1.4% and 2.4% retrospectively.

Specifically for the IT market, comparing September last year to this, vacancies and placements are growing steadily; 24.8% and 11.3%, just under the average of all sectors from last month to this month.  It was about this time last year when the number of vacancies outweighed the number placements and the gap has been increasing ever since.

Temporary/Contractor work has seemed to have hit a “soft patch” according to ASPCo.  Although there is still growth it is beginning to slow down, vacancies are at 8.3% and placements at 9.3% compared to September last year for recruitment as a whole. More noticeable is that placements decreased on a month by month basis by -0.1%, for the first time in 2 years and vacancies only increased by 0.2%.

The IT market seems to be going against the norm as compared to last year vacancies increase by 19.7% and placements by 0.9%. Compared to August this was 0.5% and 0.2% retrospectively. So for IT the vacancies and placements seem to be balancing out.