Note on Fire

Following a number of events where the batteries of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have begun smoking and catching on fire Samsung have wisely decided to reach out to customers of the snazzy new phone to return them but this really is only the beginning of Samsung’s nightmare.

Prior to this incident there have been many battery-related recalls from other companies such as Apple with the iPhone 5 and Sony with the Vaio battery packs among many others. In 2007 Nokia had to request 46 million BL-5C batteries to be returned by customers due to the fear of overheating. Luckily for Nokia, back then having the battery integrated into the phone wasn’t such a big thing and customers were able to simply remove them where as unfortunately for Samsung this isn’t a possibility.

So what’s happening for Samsung; seeing as the Galaxy S8 is due to be released in February – will this event dramatically affect the number of devices purchased from the global manufacturer? Seeing as the Note 7 was one of the most profitable devices for the company, even before it was recalled the second time, Samsung were estimated to lose at least £8 billion in revenue.

The VP of Device Research at IDC; Bryan Ma commented on Samsung completely ditching the Note 7 by saying “It's a painful move but perhaps not an entirely bad one in the grand scheme of things, as it helps isolate and contain the bad perception to that specific product rather than spreading fear that all Samsung phones might explode”.

So how will Samsung redeem themselves & has the credibility of the WORLDS BIGGEST smartphone maker been jeopardised by these series of unfortunate events?