Our ultimate guide to finding your ideal IT job

Find ideal IT job

Good news. IT recruitment is better than it’s ever been at the moment. With the UK economy picking itself up, opportunities in the already thriving IT industry are on the increase as many top technology organisations and corporations look to take on thousands of more professionals in the UK. With more and more positions becoming available, as a potential (or already practicing) IT professional, what can you be doing to find and secure your ideal IT job?

Search via LinkedIn

LinkedIn is now the largest professional network on the internet. End of. Because of this, thousands of companies now advertise job vacancies across LinkedIn. Some recruitment consultants only operate through LinkedIn, headhunting professionals on a day-to-day basis. In some cases, potential employers will contact you before you get the chance to contact them. This means that you will need to build an impressive LinkedIn profile and collect as many connections as you can in order to suitably impress recruiters. LinkedIn is also a good platform for your past colleagues and employers to ‘endorse’ your skills – which is the LinkedIn equivalent to referrals.

Utilise ‘Google Alerts’

In your on-going quest to find your ideal IT job, you should consider your web based applications to help your search become easier. Utilising ‘Google Alerts’ will help you become aware of news jobs as they are posted, enabling you to keep on top of fresh opportunities. Simply type your ideal job vacancy, i.e ‘C# Developer job in Hammersmith’, into the interface. From here Google will notify you whenever it picks up a new job vacancy in your desired field.

Be social media conscious

Managing your social media presence is a wise way of avoiding putting off employers before they’ve even met you. If you are easily findable on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, make sure you de-tag any photos of yourself doing a line of 10 Sambuca shots at the bar – they don’t want to see that.

Start a professional blog

If your speciality is IT marketing for example, then why not begin a start a blog and begin blogging about the IT marketing world, and projects that you may have worked on or are currently developing? This is applicable to any area in IT.

You can help any job applications ten-fold if you attach a link to your blog via your CV, especially if your articles are well-written and show flair. Who knows, after reading and being impressed maybe a potential employer might offer you your ideal IT job.

Let employers download your CV

One of the temptations when managing your development team is to constantly quiz them on what they are, or have been, up to. Within reason, it’s often best to leave developers up to their own devices. When your developers are knee deep in code, interrupting them can be the worst thing you can do. Obviously some interruptions are unavoidable, but you should consider having a period of 1-2 hours per working day when you don’t disturb your team.