MasterCard have taken user friendliness to the next level….

….they are allowing online purchasers to take a selfie or fingerprint to verify their identity for payments as consumers move away from credits cards to new technologies.

A previous study undertaken by MasterCard found that 41% of UK consumers now view their mobile phone as their preferred alternative to a payment card.

More than one in five people use the same password for everything and 58% of people in the UK rely on a few variations which weakens the strength and security of using a pin or password.

Ajay Bhalla, president of enterprise risk and security at MasterCard, said shopping had been “revolutionised” by contactless cards, mobile payments and wearable tech. He added that they were focusing on “making the online payment experience frictionless, without making any compromises on safety and security.”

Customers will be able to make a purchase without entering a password or pin, which the company hopes will increase the number of purchases and improve security. To ensure users are actually looking at the phone’s camera and not holding up a photo of someone else, they will have to blink.

In order to tap into this feature, users need to download the identity check mobile app through which they can authorise payment with a fingerprint scan or face recognition.

MasterCard says the new system will “dramatically” speed up the checkout process online, “while also improving security.”