Pega Recruiting - Bridging the gap.

Pega Recruiting – Bridging the gap.

Speaking to many Pega professionals day in and day out, one of the many challenges that echo throughout my calls, is the constant barrage of phone calls my candidates receive from the likes of myself. More to the point, the level of irrelevant calls for irrelevant contracts or permanent offerings purely because the word “Pega” happens to be on your profile. To a point I feel your pain. I myself receive a number of linkedin requests offering me the latest contract or an “exciting” permanent role in a less than exciting location that even if I WAS actually a Pega CSA, LSA or similar I’d find it less than attractive to warrant a response.

How do we bridge the gap here? In a niche where skills are rare, clients are plentiful and in the most part, rates don’t match skills, where does the solution lie?

I have thought long and hard on this topic and one word seems to fit the bill from many aspects. “Understanding”. As a candidate in a niche technology sector, it’s hard to imagine feeling anything other than a traded commodity when speaking to recruiters. What rate? What location? When are you available? What certifications? Can I tick all the boxes please, get off the phone and represent you for a role that that, more than likely you’ve already been called about and are already being represented for? A box ticked.

Unless I, as a recruiter, have an understanding about the position you are in as a candidate, the process is doomed to failure. I need to have an understanding from your perspective as to what you want, need and expect from a recruiter, but more importantly, deliver on your expectations.

I recently joined Vertex Solutions International Ltd to bridge the gap between candidates and clients, to provide a smoother, more transparent, open, honest (yes, honest, a term not usually associated with recruiters) journey to your next contract or permanent career move in the global Pega arena. Having worked in the Pega market since 2007, I have a better understanding of your circumstances, I don’t treat candidates like a commodity, I build relationships. I build relationships with my clients and with our candidates to manage their exits and their entries, whatever the challenges you face. We seek to form close relationships based on trust, knowledge and professionalism to ensure our clients and candidates experience a unique journey that differs from our competitors.