Pega Retail Advisor: Pega Aims to better personalise the In-store Experience on Mobile

“Pegasystems has revealed its Retail Advisor, a new mobile application that enables sales associates to hyper-personalize the in-store experience with AI-powered guidance at every step with a customer. By analysing past brand interactions in real time, the app is designed to help retail agents engage customers with smarter, more relevant recommendations while also completing any service task directly from a mobile device.

According to the company this helps redefine the in-store experience and adds unexpected value from the moment customers enter the door – making sales associate more effective, increasing customer satisfaction, and growing revenues at each location.

Pegasystems argues that more consumers are finding less value from visiting a store, showroom, or branch when most everything they need today comes on demand with a swipe on their mobile device. 

A company spokesperson cites a recent Capgemini survey which found that most consumers view visiting stores as a chore, so much so that one-third of respondents say their time is better spent at home washing the dishes.

“Retailers have responded with elaborate makeovers in an attempt to create a more inviting experience. But cosmetics aside, sales associates still lack the tools to provide real consumer-centric service that gives customers a reason to visit again and again.”

The company claims its Pega Retail Advisor makes brick-and-mortar locations relevant again by using advanced AI to guide sales associates to the next best action with each customer.

“The AI engine analyzes every interaction an individual has made with the brand across all channels – from purchases and browsing history, to service calls and marketing touches – to open a window into the customer’s current mindset,” the company said.

The software then translates these into tangible actions queued up on the agent’s mobile device in real time – whether it’s to recommend a certain product, custom bundle a service, showcase product features, or perform a service task such as setting an appointment or ship from another store.

“This removes any guesswork from sales associates, allowing them to work shoulder-to-shoulder with customers to provide exactly what they need in the moment, ” according to the spokesperson.

Pegasystems said the benefits of its solution include;

More effective sales associates: “Every sales associate can become a high performing one with predictive analytics guiding them through every step. This ensures a more consistent experience regardless of who engages with a customer. The mobile app untethers staff from their terminals and enables them to do everything with the customer from the floor – from checking account status to completing an order.”

More receptive customers: “Often viewed as a nuisance, sales associates can drop the high-pressure tactics and add genuine value to every interaction, making customers more open to assistance and more likely to come back. Pega enables a personalized approach that shows customers the staff understands their needs in a more human way that’s hard to replicate online. Even new customers with no history with the brand will benefit – after answering a few short questions – from intelligent suggestions that pinpoint the best products for their unique situation.”

Higher sales and revenue growth: “Guided intelligence helps sales associates sell products and services the customer will actually want and use – as opposed to trying to make the quick sale. This engenders more trust and loyalty with each interaction, which will capture more share of the customer’s wallet and higher revenues per customer store visit. AI also takes pinpoints the upsell offer or service bundle that would resonate best, further increasing the potential value of each customer.””

Source: https://which-50.com/pega-aims-better-personalize-store-experience-mobile/