Pega – System Integrators - Is there another solution?

Specialising in consulting in Business Process Management, specifically Pega, is a by my own admission a brave move. Whilst it’s a small and targeted market with limited resources available, it presents a significant challenge and a tight and close professional community. Tighter than any other technology vertical I have concentrated on in the last 18 years, from Testing, Enterprise Application Integration to BI and Big Data. Pega Consultants are more than willing to talk and clients are keen to engage with a consulting firm who knows the market, though even this is not without its pitfalls.

Many Pega users recognise the difficulty in sourcing the right consultants at the right time, in the right location and within budget. So surely its easier to pass this responsibility to the SI’s of this world who have a pool of resources available. But, is this actually the case? In many cases, SI’s suffer the same issues and rely heavily on recruitment partners to offer the resources and fill the gap, at the right rate, naturally. You can see where I’m going here. Do the SI’s actually offer the peace of mind in terms of delivery and success that Pega users are seeking, or is this an opportunist cash cow with too many links extracting margins? I believe it’s a sticking plaster for a broken leg, a short term solution to a long term issue.

We offer a solution that plugs the gap. We understand the resourcing issues and are very much plugged into the Pega talent pool globally. We have no overhead costs for the client to swallow, but we do offer the skills and services required working in tandem with our network to offer that unique value proposition to Pega users suffering the pain of lack of delivery at an affordable cost.  I have no doubt that the SI’s offer a valued service to some Pega users in terms of off-shore delivery and the peace of mind to business owners to pass the headache on to the SI’s for off-shore delivery models and similar. But at what cost?

Is passing the responsibility on to the SI’s a long term solution? Do they offer that value proposition that Pega clients are seeking or are they simply offering resources that are available through networks other than their own and sewing their badge on it?

That’s a genuine question and I welcome thoughts and comments!

Jude Arscott-Breeze - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jarscott