Pega – Where is it going?

Pega has been the market leading BPM for a number of years, it rests quite comfortably in the Gartner Magic Quadrant with no significant challengers. IBM and Appian are chasing their coat tails, though in the main, Pega is the BPM of choice.

For those that are familiar with the European market, the usual suspects at one time or another, will be seeking a number of resources for projects in the UK and mainland Europe. From Banking and Insurance and various government sites, the Pega community has been buoyant for the last 4 years with demand hugely outweighing supply. Gartner predicted that within the next 2 years, the number of certified Pega professionals globally could double, though the vast percentage of this growth will be offshore. Whilst this growth is welcomed, is it sustainable?

In 2015/16, there has been a noticeable decline in new Pega customers in Europe. A number of well-known Pega sites in the UK have kicked of a number of large programmes, but where is the new Pega business? The midlands in the UK, for now is static. London relatively quiet, Scotland seems to all but dropped into the North Sea. Europe is still a hot bed, specifically Germany and The Netherlands, though even in these locations the lack of new Pega licence business is clear.

It pains me to ask. Is this a Brexit thing? If so, are we now heading towards being Trumped?

For clarity, Pega is still very much at the forefront of BPM, the market leader with no signs of being knocked off the top spot. My question here is where is the adoption of new business blood in Europe? Am I missing something here?


Jude Arcsott - LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/jarscott