Pushing back on reaching out?

An ex-colleague of mine recently wrote a post in Linkedin about his recent experiences when reaching out to potential contacts. The post was along the lines of “are people becoming more rude in recent times when reaching out directly? I’ve sent 100’s of in-mails and the response is less than 10%”. The post seemed innocent enough, though the responses were certainly more thought provoking that the subject of his original post. From being productive, observational, sarcastic (guilty!) to argumentative and borderline offensive. I spoke to him a couple of days ago and he was amazed at the furore the post creative quite innocently. “If only my in-mails created the same”

It got me thinking to a point that my own responses at times can be on the lower end of the percentile, even though my initial contact mails are personalised, descriptive and polite.

Given that my market is mainly European and also global, Linkedin is a very powerful tool for my day to day business development within my particular specialism, BPM Software. So I’d like to ask a direct question to wider audience. What is it that makes you respond to what could be described as an unsolicited contact, if you respond at all. Say for example you receive a targeted, descriptive and personalised mail, that even though relevant in its content, for whatever reason isn’t relevant for you currently, do you respond? Would you drop a personalised message back with a “thanks, but no thanks.” Or do you simply get so many requests this isn’t really feasible. Do you receive high volumes of vague, fishing email with little or no general information and left scratching your head about why someone would even bother sending such an irrelevant mail, via LinkedIn or otherwise?

All discussion is welcome and do feel free to mail me directly on LinkedIn or otherwise.

By Jude Arscott-Breeze - LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jarscott/