Recruitment - Post Brexit Bounce Back!!

Reports show that “UK firms began hiring in August as the panic engendered by the vote to leave the EU subsided” (REC)

This is something I can vouch for first hand, during the period of June and July 2016 I personally received a reduction of appointments by 75% compared to the same period in 2015, but it went manic during the holiday month of August as the market returned to pre-referendum patterns. Employers confirmed appointments were in-fact put on hold until the result was known and the impacts were calculated.

“A Survey by Market using data provided by recruitment consultancies showed that temp billings rose at their fastest pace since May”, clients understood they had to improve their offers to attract candidates who might be reluctant to move jobs in the current climate of uncertainty.

I wouldn’t like to make any conclusions about the long-term impact of Brexit as it’s simply too early as much of this depends on the progress of the government ensuring our businesses continue to trade efficiently with our neighbours in the EU. We also have to bear in mind Theresa May needs to trigger article 50, which could be done any time in the coming 15 months, so it could be sometime before the real impacts of Brexit will be felt in the job market