Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Salesforce has recently launched the latest product to their awesome portfolio, introducing ‘Salesforce Financial Services Cloud’. 

A platform designed for FS companies to deliver more personalized client experiences, increasing agent productivity and enabling collaboration like never before.

Salesforce has built an entire ecosystem around the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud to accelerate customer success and ensure the product meets the unique challenges faced by today's advisors. This includes working with leading wealth management firms in the design of the product, including AIG Advisor Group, Northern Trust and United Capital. In addition, Salesforce systems integrators Accenture, Deloitte Digital, PwC and Silverline support Salesforce Financial Services Cloud by providing technical integration assistance with leading wealth management firms

Build Deeper, 1-to-1 Client Relationships:

The Client Profile in Salesforce Financial Services Cloud allows advisors to see all of their clients' information in one place, with instant access to tear-sheets, financial accounts and goals. In addition, as wealth is transferred between generations, advisors need to gain a more complete picture of everyone in the family.

Advisors can now map and build 1-to-1 relationships with each member of their clients' households, using relevant information to manage their individual goals, such as budgeting for college, buying a new home or planning a summer vacation.

Increase Productivity:

A frequent complaint among financial advisors is that they spend half their day on manual and paper-based tasks to prepare for meetings. Salesforce Financial Services Cloud's Advisor Today homepage is built to enhance advisor productivity by automating administrative tasks and giving advisors more time to focus on their entire book of business.

They can check information on client accounts, such as gains and losses, and review relevant market insights. And rather than toggling between systems, advisors can stay on top of their most critical tasks throughout the day with the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Assistant.

Engage with Clients Everywhere:

With Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Private Client Communities, advisors can easily collaborate with clients and other stakeholders within the client's household. In addition, an entire advisory team, including third parties, can come together to provide clients with collaborative advice.