Self-drive cars to communicate through emoji’s...?

A Silican Valley company are planning to implement an additional feature onto self-drive cars.

Occupants of the driverless cars will be able to communicate with other drivers and pedestrian through emoji’s!

This will be carried out in the form of roof mounted led screens that display image from both front and rear screens.

An example of what it can indicate to pedestrians- “it’s safe to cross!” whilst at the same time you can indicate to drivers behind “pedestrian crossing!” to explain reason for stopping.

The main purpose is to enable people inside the car to communicate with other drivers through emoji’s with a range of facial expressions and other emoji-based messages, transforming communication amongst road users at a whole new level - Will this go too far if more aggressive expressions are utilised, thus encouraging road rage?

This feature integrates well with the growing AI environment utilising popular social technologies- this is an interesting way to move forward and as the product is in testing phase, I would be interested in seeing how the concept develops further and what the end-product will look like!

Batool Hossain - LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/batool-hossain-76a27683