Swift take over

Swift take over

Since going open source last Thursday, Swift has seen a surge of energy from the developer community; so much so that it’s now the most popular language in active development on GitHub.

Over 20,000 users have starred Swift, which has a huge lead on second-place Rust (14,434). Swift even has more people liking it than Go (12,828), Coffeescript (12,271) and Ruby (8,617).

In just under one week old, Swift is already fourth when it comes to forks (2,361). Only Rust (2,822), PHP (2,752) and Ruby (2,599) have more.

It’s only one metric, but GitHub is the go-to source for open source language development, so it’s a good one. GitHub’s list lacks heavyweights like C++ or Java, for instance, but in being where developers spend much of their time, I think Swift stands a good chance of topping any language popularity list in the near future.

Swift going open source has generated more interest for the iOS language, its allowing more users to be able to develop iOS applications from code submitted online, and also allowing companies to be able to look at developers code in the same way that Android Developers are currently able to show off their wares and speed up applications for new jobs.

The impact this has on the mobile world is huge as the community able to access, help, advise and build using Swift as an Open Source language has opened up a world of opportunities and new directions that has been seen in new evolutions of other open source technologies for years already.

Only time will tell if creating a new open source technology for iOS will impact Android and also the market, but this is potentially a game changer and it can only be a good thing.