Technology + Food

This blog is long overdue, one that combines a couple of my biggest passions – Technology & Food. As we are all aware the technology space is fast adapting and evolving to benefit our everyday lives. To simplify and automate jobs and processes for the masses is the predominant outcome when these two meet.

My role as a Senior Account Manager within IT recruitment gives me exposure to a world that a majority don’t see. Our focus of working with established and up & coming start-ups gives us an even more in-depth insight as to what is happening around the world in this really interesting sector.

For them to fit within the remit of this blog these innovative business ideas focus within the areas of Mobile Application development, Website development & possibly even working with IoT (Internet of Things).

How often do we search on the internet for the best recipe to cook a certain dish, normally providing us in seconds with a plentiful supply of various to scroll through over page upon page. Now there are of course apps which offer the same functionality but also that provide more interactivity, video demonstrations and the ability to edit.

Now emerging you also have a new service offered with Uber known as ‘UberEats’ a new way of getting your favourite restaurant food delivered to your home/office. Alongside these you have the well know Just Eat & Hungry house whose apps compile local delivery service and make ordering simple and phone call free.

The integration of technology within our everyday lives as we move into the future is inevitable, and for me being a foody? A very exciting and intriguing prospect indeed. I’m always trying to stay abreast of the curve and always keen to form relationships with these new start-ups to get an insight into their world. But most importantly, to offer them work class people to help make these innovative ideas a reality.