Tesla Technology "Steering "the way for Cars...

Tesla Technology “Steering “the way for Cars…

Tesla has recently released their new project a “self-driving car”. Now this won’t be the type of car which we all imagined and have seen in Sci-Fi films. It won’t be hovering off the floor just yet, and we won’t be able to tap in a destination, shut our eyes and wake up 2 hours later right outside the front door. They do believe they will have a fully autonomous car, ready for production in 5 years’ time.

But what does “fully autonomous” mean to the car driver?

Tesla said: "The latest autopilot release is a hands-on experience to give drivers more confidence behind the wheel, increase their safety on the road and make motorway driving more enjoyable."

It won't drive you around town, but will make motorway driving and parking a bit easier. While the new Auto park does exactly what you would expect, Auto steer is a bit more ambitious. With it, you're supposed to be able to go for miles on the open road with it doing most of the heavy driving. The car tracks lane markers and uses enhanced GPS data to keep the car from launching off into the media.

Would this fill you with confidence though? Trusting a car to do the driving for you…No doubts technology has become so advanced and sensors will be able to do a lot of the work. But can this overtake actually having your hands on the wheel and being in control? All car owners have been in a situation where they have had to suddenly break, or have to make a quick judgment call.-Your motor neurones kick in, in the smallest fraction of a second, saving you from an accident.

Could this car have the same reaction? 

Tesla is really at the forefront of innovation. They are working on concepts only dreamed of by car manufactures as well as the consumer. These are very exciting times ahead for the car industry as well as the technology being implemented.

I can’t stop thinking though-Will all the innovation start to remove the pure excitement of driving…