The mobile takeover

For the first time, more websites are being accessed via mobile over traditional computer browsing, this has been more apparent now than ever with Facebook, with Mobile-only users over taking mobile and desktop users in Q3 of 2015, with 727 million users accessing Facebook via Mobile-only over 658 million users who are using Facebook via mobile and desktop, which is far ahead of the desktop only users down on 160 million.

This is not only on Facebook but over web browsing as a whole, more and more people are browsing via their Mobile Only, this of course has an effect on what companies do to increase their online presence focussed on being mobile compatible. Especially web based E-commerce companies. Mobile is making it easier for people to browse the web which is why more people are accessing it via mobile only, so E-commerce companies are now more focussed on being compatible with mobile to be able to be reached by the wider audience, but this is also taking people away from the web based applications onto native mobile applications to ensure that users have the best experience when on E-commerce sites or social network sites.

The use and takeover of mobile doesn’t stop here, Mobile apps are being incorporated into homes and controlling external devices through IOT (internet of things)this is apparent already with applications such as the hive which allows people to turn their heating on and off remotely, and an app which you can use too park your new range rover. What can be done with a mobile will continue to grow.