The Office Culture of an IT Company


So, you’ve made it through uni, handed in your student’s union card, bought 5 sets of shirt and tie combos from Next, and reminded yourself of what it’s like to get out of bed in the AM.

It’s time to start your new job in an IT company.


Over the years it’s become more and more blatant that IT pros heading off to their newly acquired role get more nervous on their first day about office culture than the actual work that they will be required to do in their new job.

This we find to be slightly odd, but strangely understandable.

Hence this blog.

Here’s the good news. It’s probably never been better to work in an IT company, and here’s why.

During the last decade or so, working in an IT company has become somewhat more colourful. Companies like Google, Facebook, and Yahoo are flying the flag in terms of workplace culture – heavily publicising what it’s like to work in their offices – with all of them appearing to be really fun places to work.

Lots of IT companies and organisations are cottoning onto this and have been working tirelessly to improve their office environment, introducing energy & passion, empowering each and every individual (even the most junior programmers!), ditching plain white walls for more vibrant & ‘happy’ colours, and drastically improving the onsite catering facilities. Some companies have even introduced a no suit policy – imagine that happening 15 years ago!

Every company wants their employees to be happy. A happy employee usually means that they do their job well right? But it’s very much in the any company’s interest to have a good public perception of what it’s like working for them.

So what can you expect from your typical IT office?

With information technology relevant to every corner of the world, the IT industry is refreshingly multicultural, and due to the majority of companies penning their own equal opportunities policies, it’s highly likely that you will work in an office diverse in ethnicity.

Technology, as an industry, is notorious for not resting on its laurels. With new technologies in the IT world been invented on what feels like a day-to-day basis, the industry is naturally fast moving. This can be reflected in office culture, which stereotypically is fast-paced, and full of energy, despite the fact that 99% of employees will spend most of their day sitting behind a desk.

More good news – the IT industry isn’t going anywhere. With an abundance of work available at all times, pressure from management won’t necessarily be as intense as if you were to work in a flailing industry. This can have a surprisingly positive effect on office environment – with IT businesses more likely to prosper – employees are more likely to be rewarded more often, and have their office space invested in.

It goes without saying that the quality of the office environment depends on the people that work there, and that should be your primary concern when you start your new job. But do not fear. The majority of people that work in this business aren’t too bad. Sure you might be subject to the odd ‘newbie prank’, but take our advice – laugh it off, keep smiling, and crack on. The more relaxed you are on your first day, the more you’ll fit in. Be friendly and ask questions. If you’re confident in your abilities to do your job, you should be confident that you’ll fit in socially.