Vertex helps out at local charity DENS: Action Against Homelessness

On Monday the 1st December Vertex Solutions employees jumped at the chance to take an opportunity to help local charity, DENS: Action against homelessness. DENS are in the front line to house, support and empower vulnerable homeless people and their winter appeal is hoping to raise £40,000 to help them.


We split into groups and did 2 hour shifts throughout the day. To help the charity we labelled food to show the best before or use by dates easily so it could be sorted in priority and none wasted. These were then put into food groups so the charity could swiftly distribute them. I must admit, the people there are inspirational and it was an honour to help them.

They told me many stories of the people they help but the thing that opened my eyes the most was not everyone who needs help from food banks is homeless. Often working families struggle with the choice between rent or food, and families on benefits that get help with school meals can suddenly find themselves struggling during the school holidays. Needless to say, to problem is larger than I could have ever imagined.

As well as having a food bank DENS offer a day centre, night shelter, rent aid and have a charity shop. With winter upon us and Christmas quickly approaching I would thoroughly recommend taking a look at their website here to see if you can help, time is just as valuable as money, not just for them but for any charity in your area.  If you would like to donate directly please visit here.