War for Talent - it's a Buyers' Market!

In UK and Europe, we are experiencing a recruitment climate that is reminiscent to the pre-recessionary boom times. We are seeing a thriving start up culture emerge – often seeded by the instability and redundancy of a recession! We have had a number of years where businesses have not hired and not invested in talent development.

This will equal a shortage of highly skilled candidates and Vertex group can already testify to seeing the signs of this. We are finding that even our exclusive candidates are being aggressively counter offered when they hand in their resignation. For those who are more active in the market, they are finding that Companies are “fighting” for their attention. The result is a shift from a “buyers” market to a “sellers”.

The smart employers will remember or be advised that one needs to change the mode of operation within this climate. You will no longer find candidates queuing for your attentions – irrespective of who you are! It will be important for you to ensure that you are communicating all of the positives around the opportunity that you offer as well as within the wider employer brand. Speed is also of the essence in these times. You will find that more nimble businesses are highly responsive and as such can take talent “off the market” before you get through your processes if you cannot compete.

The good news for businesses that plan to expand is that with strategic approach (And a good partner), you can very easily outpace the competition. Many Companies are still operating in “recession” mode and thus are sleepwalking in to talent deficiency.

Within Vertex / Humilis I am delighted to say that our Q1 has been a thumping success across the group. We are well ahead of budget and breaking records for success every month and continuing to be a force for positive change within the lives of our customers! I believe this is testament to the knowledge led quality approach that we operate from. However we also work with some fantastic customers, who see us as partners and therefore enable us to design process and strategy with them to make the talent attraction process highly efficient.

If you would like to discuss your talent attraction strategy, please contact one of our principals:

Ed Kelly – Humilis (Cloud HR Tech)            e.kelly@humilis-consulting.com

Jay Gohil – Digital Technology                     j.gohil@vertex-solutions.co.uk

Mark Beard – Software Technology         m.beard@vertex-solutions.co.uk