What is happening in the market of front-end development?

What is Front-End Development? In a nutshell ‘A mix of programming and layout that powers the visuals and interactions of the web.’ So you can only begin to imagine why it has become so popular in recent years.

In the current IT sphere, the field of front-end development is evolving at such a rapid pace that sometimes it's difficult to formally categorise what is front-end and what it isn't. To make things even more complex, it can be said that the front-end market is evolving to cater to the requirements of the employers, where basic skills are not enough resulting in a talent war, so employers are creating jobs for the guys they want and getting things moving quicker than ever to avoid losing them.

It has become common to employers and recruiters with the knowledge of the market that competition is off the scale, simply because the surging demand for developers outweighs the supply, by a significant amount.

The rapidly evolving web means that an important part of being a front-end developer is keeping up to date and a close eye on new tools and technology, trends and workflows. People who want to venture into the world of front-end development are taking 12-week-long, boot-camp-style intense coding courses and getting snapped up by tech companies left, right and centre. They are considered as sponges, hungry to learn and companies don’t have to pay too much to keep them happy but in exchange offer them extensive training and development which even senior developers wouldn’t say no to. Definitely an attractive perk!

So a tip for aspiring front-end developers; never stop learning. Web development is transforming quickly, arguably faster than almost any other development genre, so staying a step ahead could bring you more fortune than you can imagine.

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