Why are 8 out of 10 employed IT professionals open to new roles?

Last week, via a survey conducted by TEKsystems, technology news website eweek.com reported that a staggering 8-out-of-10 employed IT professionals would be open to new working opportunities within the IT industry, despite whether they are happy within their current role or not.

In the same survey, 80 percent of IT leaders cited IT recruitment firms as the best way to find candidates qualified for the positions that they require to be filled.

In July 2014, IT unemployment hit an all-time low of 2.3 percent; therefore unemployed yet qualified candidates can be a rare thing for IT leaders to find. Therefore, IT recruitment has very much turned into a head-hunting orientated industry.

But why are so many employed IT professionals open to new working opportunities? And what should employers of IT professionals think about this survey?

Job advertising more personal

Whether you’re employed or not, the chances are you will be exposed to a large amount of job specifications in the guise of internet advertisements each and every day. Due to the boom of big data, these job adverts are more personal than ever, and can seem very attractive to even the most happily employed IT professionals. Even subconsciously, this barrage of internet advertising can encourage a disloyal company attitude.

Better networking

These days, absolutely anyone who is employed has better networking opportunities, especially across digital platforms such as LinkedIn – where a huge amount of IT head-hunting takes place. IT professionals are very much aware of this, with most being contacted by IT recruitment firms each day with the interest of placing them in a new role.

Refrain from negotiation

A lot of jobseekers fall into the trap of trying to negotiate job terms and conditions whilst they are still in the interview. This generally goes down pretty badly with interviewers, and as a rule of thumb should not be brought up at all at this stage of the job seeking process. As a counter measure, you should familiarise yourself with the terms of the job that you are interviewing for before the big day. In any case, if you wouldn’t have applied for the job if you weren’t attracted by the numbers right?

More recruiting firms, less unemployed candidates

The IT recruitment industry has gone from strength to strength over the last two decades, and with it, there is an ever increasing crop of IT recruitment firms – all of which are looking to have a larger share of the talent pool on their books.

With more and more opportunities becoming available in an expanding IT industry, there are more firms fighting over fewer unemployed candidates – therefore more and more employed professionals are being offered work on a daily basis.

Increased business transparency

In the age of social media, and more liberal press laws, the practices of companies have become more transparent, and with that, businesses across the world have worked hard to improve their image.

Because of this, IT professionals will be more aware of what it’s like to work for most companies, and may be attracted to changing roles if a position is offered to them at a company whose culture is more desirable to them personally.